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A medical negligence compensation claim solicitor deals with applications for damages against healthcare professionals for personal injury and loss caused as a result of erroneous clinical treatment or late diagnosis. It is to your advantage, in order to preserve your legal right to compensation, to make contact with a medical negligence solicitor as soon as possible after the event that caused the injury.

Laparoscopy Procedure

Laparoscopy has changed the face of surgical procedures. For example, few gallbladder surgeries are done without using laparoscopy and there are laparoscopic surgeries for uterine, fallopian tube, ovarian and stomach surgeries. By definition, laparoscopic surgeries are those that involve the abdominal and pelvic areas. Other related surgeries, such as arthroscopy involve slightly different machines but basically the same technology. Each involves a light source, a camera and tools that do different things inside the tissues.

Surgical Errors

Laparoscopic surgeries are considered to be preferable in many circumstances because they leave smaller scars and the recovery time is less. These are more difficult surgeries to do, however, and you have to have a doctor trained in laparoscopic surgery in order to have the fewest chances of errors. Even so, well trained doctors in laparoscopic surgery do make mistakes.

Anaestheia Problems

Because laparoscopic surgery takes longer to do, there is a greater than average risk of anaesthetic mistakes. There can be too much anaesthesia given, resulting in breathing problems and prolonged ventilation. There have been deaths due to anaesthetic problems. There can also be under-anaesthesia, so that the patient suffers pain and suffering as a result of a lack of proper anaesthesia.

Peritonitis Risk

Peritonitis is when there is a bacterial infection in the intestinal cavity. It is a serious infection, often leading to hypotension, cardiovascular collapse and death if not treated early enough. The treatment is to support the patient and to kill the infection with antibiotics. It sometimes takes several weeks of antibiotics to take care of the infection.


There can be severe bleeding complications with laparoscopic surgery. Because the doctor doesn’t have the advantage of the full field of view, arteries and veins can be nicked, resulting in severe bleeding, sometimes that which is not noticed right away. The patient can become anemic and hypotensive, and can require a second, open surgery to correct the bleeding complication. Bleeding complications can happen with any type of laparoscopic surgery and can rarely be repaired without doing a more complicated “open” surgery.


Infection can occur with laparoscopic surgery because the laparoscope can introduce bacteria into the peritoneal space without having to even puncture the colon or other viscus. Infections can happen with gram positive or gram negative organisms and can lead to prolonged use of antibiotics to clear the infection.

Oesophagus – Stomach

Patients who have a laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication or surgery to correct gastroesophageal reflux disease can suffer from a problem with a perforated oesophagus or stomach. The first needle stick in this procedure is considered a “blind stitch” because the doctor is not able to see where he or she is taking the stitch. It can result in perforation and secondary peritonitis.

Uterus – Fallopian Tube – Ovary

There can be a careless nick of the uterus, fallopian tube or ovary, resulting in unnecessary damage to these organs. In some cases, the damage is irreparable, resulting in removal of the organs that were damaged by the laparoscope. Laparoscopic surgery does not often offer a wide view of the organs to be looked at by the operation so that it is too easy to nick something, including an artery or vein and to cause complications that can’t be repaired without open surgery.

Bariatric Surgery

There is often a problem when doing laparoscopic bariatric surgery. This involves doing stomach stapling or LapBand surgery to the stomach area. In a great deal of cases, there is difficulty in getting through all the fat these people have on their abdomens and maneuvering the laparoscope becomes more cumbersome. The stomach can be perforated and there can be serious infection that requires open repair and clearing out of abdominal abscesses that can build up when the infection becomes severe.

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